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"Since 2004 until present, MT Sites has always been there, proven to be robust, creating revolutionary ideas, taking our Dawah forward in the UK via all our sites. Constant 24/7 support and site maintenance is my favourite part of their service. Without them, our organisation would crumble. I salute their informal and effective approach to fulfilling our needs and promoting our mission." - Jalal Ibn Saeed Mohabbat, President of Al Fitrah

"With this great new web platform to manage our on going projects, we can access our work, calendar and finances from anywhere we are. This is perfect for our organisation. Great work, we'll be back for more." - Mr Patterson, Fig Tree Film Studios

"Beautiful site, now I get requests for commissioned art from all over the UK. Dawa Art would definitely not be where it is today without the essential help and great work of MT Sites." - Dawa Art