our portfolio

Here you can view our past projects. Click on a screenshot to go to the website where you can fully appreciate the work.

1Eid is a charity organisation that aims at providing the community with a park event on Eid Day for the whole community. Their website serves to advertise the project, collect donations, keep in contact with the public and gain support through registration of volunteers.

Come to Guidance is a DVD Box Set that contains an islamic lecture by a renowned scholar on the topic of guidance. The website is high end and sleek to reflect the nature of the product, which is interactive and had a lot of work put into it. The website contains video clips and information about the DVD. It serves to advertise the product and takes online orders via PayPal.

The MV&D is an organisation comprised of muslim volunteers that regularly organise islamic events for the whole community. Their website serves to release news about events and there is a strong focus on back end database design as the website has many new volunteers registering each day and contact between site admins and volunteers is fundamental to the organisation. The website is split into tiers of access, with the public able to view the least, the registered volunteers able to view more and the admins that can view all of the site.

JamatTimes has the most complex database of the sites in this portfolio. The website has a database of all the mosques in the UK and their prayer times. Thus visitors to the site can access the prayer times of their local mosque. They can also register and receive weekly email alerts containing these times. There is also a feature to register for SMS alerts to your mobile phone, weekly, with jamattimes of your local mosque. The data of all the mosques are provided by the public. Once a member of the public has been approved by a site admin, he/she will be granted permissions to edit the database from a member area and upload the prayer times of his/her local mosque.

Dawa Art is a company owned by a renowned artist whose works sell for thousands of pounds. The purpose of this flash website is to display all of the work of this artist and to advertise the company's services. There is a highly specific and intuitive form to request commissioned art online. The gallery is the main focus of the website.

The Pre Eid Dinner was held annually in preparation of the 1Eid event. The purpose of the dinner was to raise funds for the 1Eid events. The purpose of this website was to advertise this dinner, give information to the public about the invited guests and information about the project and its past successes. The website also has a custom designed database backend that stores details about the bookings made from the website, as well as an admin area to view, edit and delete these bookings. The online booking system is highly specific as it had to be tailor made to fit the seating arrangements of the banquet hall of the Dorchester Hotel in London. The system used online payment integration via PayPal and Instant Payment Notification to automatically update payment statuses in the site's own database. This site combined the artistic and visual art of flash design as well as the powerful backend system of the booking system to create a truly magnificent project for MT Sites.